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Full digital version of The Times newspaper (1785-2010), the oldest daily newspaper in continuous publication!

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Key features

The Times Digital Archive 1785-2010 is a full text archive providing access to over 1.4 million pages and over 70,000 issues. Content includes:

  • Articles — see contemporary reporting on everything from the American Civil War to the rise of the internet;
  • Advertising and classified ads;
  • Editorials;
  • Birth, Death and Marriage notices;
  • Book reviews, Crossword puzzles;
  • Letters to the editor — Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill are among the contributors!;
  • Court Pages, which details the activities of the royals!

Searching is made easy by:

  • Full text and keyword searchable pages;
  • A table of contents for each issue;
  • Multiple search paths, browse options and limiters to pinpoint results quickly;
  • Cross searches with other newspaper archives via NewsVault.

More Information

With Times Digital Archive 1785-2010 you can follow Dr David Livingstone’s exploration of Africa through to the accession of Queen Victoria onto Neil Armstrong’s first moon landing and latter to the rise of Microsoft. History at your fingertips!

In the late 1990s, the weekday Times introduced a new daily supplement — Times2. The “T2” supplement contained feature articles, rather than regular news. It was axed in 2010. In 2004, The Times switched format from broadsheet to the smaller-format tabloid size. It had been printed as a broadsheet for 219 years!

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