Akaroa Library 150 tukutuku panel

Akaroa's Tukutuku panel
Akaroa Library's Tukutuku Panel, July 2009, Photo credit: Lew Matthews

Woven painted panel in wood, raffia, photography, stones and shells.

Beautiful Akaroa

  • wood, raffia, photography, stones, shells
  • 122 x 60 cm
  • Designed by Leonie Miller (Upper Riccarton) and created by Akaroa colleagues and community.

This panel represents Akaroa as a place of scenic beauty with a strong emphasis on nature, both flora and fauna. It also represents the influence of Māori and European on its history, i.e. green pasture in the background as opposed to pre-European bush cover.

The Kereru was an important food source for local Māori, and the Nikau in turn, provided sustenance for the Kereru. The pebbles and shells represent the sea, and it’s importance to the community through fishing, conservation, recreation and tourism.

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