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Natural history videos focused on New Zealand's people, places, wildlife and environment.

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Key Features

NZGeo TV provides award winning local content covering the entire New Zealand realm – from the Antarctic Dependency to Pacific territories, and beyond. Titles are of variable lengths and subjects. For example content includes:

  • Bodysnatchers: a three minute short film on the life cycle of the Zombie ant;
  • The Lost Whales: a fifty three minute film on the Southern Right Whales. On the brink of extinction researchers track them to their hidden breeding grounds;
  • Wild Asia: nine one hour episodes that explore the amazing lives of wildlife in this area;
  • Earwig: a 1 minute short film on why earwigs cannot eat your brain!
  • Tropic Gothic: a one hour film on how a house deep in Australian rainforest interacts with the animals, environment and plants that want to destroy it;
  • Grandma: a one hour story on a Northern Royal Albatross called Grandma who at sixty years of age still breeds near Dunedin;
  • Norwester- Wind of Contrasts: a one hour video of the wind that touches us all in Christchurch.

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More Information

This eResource was constructed as part of a joint venture with Dunedin's legendary production house Natural History New Zealand (formerly the Natural History Unit), and New Zealand Geographic. NZGeo TV features content from that has not been made available online before. Content will continue to be added as time progresses.

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