Beamafilm beckons

Beamafilm is one of the streaming video services Christchurch City Libraries subscribes and finally I've had a good look at what movies and docos might tickle my particular fancy. What treasures might be hiding there for me to find?

Folks, there are some great cinematic (and televisual) treats to be had there. The following list is tweaked to the idiosyncracies of my own somewhat questionable taste. You might well turn your nose up at all of these, and yet, I can't help feeling that there might be something in the Beamafilm schedule that you'll love too. Just dive in and take a look for yourself.

Classics I never got around to watching

For whatever reason, these are all movies I've been curious about over the years (partly due to their reputation) but didn't have easy access to. NO MORE EXCUSES.

  • M - I've seen director Fritz Lang's 1920s science fiction outing, Metropolis, but this film about the hunt for a serial killer, is considered his Magnum Opus so it's a bit of an oversight on my part.
  • The outlaw - The Howard Hughes directed western for which he famously designed a bra for star Jayne Russell's ample bosom to make the most of her assets.
  • The general - I have never watched a Buster Keaton film and I see no reason this situation should continue.
  • The cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Early and influential silent horror famous for its unique visual style, and at only 75 minutes it's a comparatively quick watch.
  • To kill a mockingbird - I read Harper Lee's famous novel in high school but have never seen the equally famous screen adaptation starring Gregory Peck. 
  • Babette's feast - Danish film in which and outsider brings life and flavour to a small community. Based on the book by Karen "Out of Africa" Blixen.
  • The bicycle thief - I've hung out in a bar named after this film and I've watched an episode of Aziz Ansari's Master of None that is an homage to it. Time to watch this, I think.

Random kids' stuff (with redheads)

Auburn-headed protagonists in wholesome family fare? Check!

  • Anne of Green Gables - I've read all the books. I have watched every movie and TV episode with Megan Fellows as Anne Shirley. I've watched every episode of Netflix's Anne with an 'E'. I have not watched this 2016 film starring, among other people, Martin Sheen. I'm a completist and this will not stand.
  • BMX Bandits - This 1983 action comedy was not Nicole Kidman's film debut (that honour belongs to Bush Christmas which is also available on Beamafilm) but it's the one that has the most embarrassing name/gimmick and features an adult man in a red wig as her somewhat unconvincing stunt double. Worth it for the "look how young Nicole Kidman is" associated screeching, I reckon.
  • Playing Beattie Bow -  I borrowed a paperback copy of the source novel from the mobile library back in the 1980s and it was a movie tie-in copy that featured the stars of the film on the cover. I really enjoyed Ruth Park's book (a sort of Aussie-set Outlander time travel tale for teens), but never had the chance to see the film. Now is the time. (Okay, the lead character doesn't actually have red hair but it's probably auburn in a certain light?)

The Beamafilm app is available on the Apple App store or Google Play store for ease of watching on devices (and there's no limit to how many things you can watch), so get amongst!