Best of 2020

Best of 2020

What books, movies, and music have you loved this year?

Bringing together the best of 2020 – from the picks of our staff and customers, to Best of the year lists published by magazines, newspapers and booksellers. Have your say!

New Zealand

Best of homegrown titles for 2020.

Selected New Zealand titles

Best book covers of 2020 - My pick of New Zealand's finest

I keep an eye out for NZ's cool covers and flash-as book production. Here are my 2020 standouts. Nothing to see by Pip Adam is #1.

A year of reading locally

Moata runs through her 2020 reads by Kiwi authors - a mix of fantasy, mystery and general fiction.

A year of reading locally: Kids and young adult

Moata runs through her 2020 reads by Kiwi authors for younger readers - a mix of picture books, graphic novels and young adult fiction.

For adults

Most Popular in 2020

Here are the books that were most popular in 2020 - Fiction for Adults; Non-Fiction for Adults, Kids, and Teens.

Librarians' picks for the best of the year

Helen's Best of 2020

My top 5 of 2020, from superb period pieces to stand out contemporary fiction.

Hong's Best reads of 2020

Books that entertained me, provoked my thoughts, and let me understand different lives and societies in 2020.

Clare's Crème de la crème 2020

Clare chooses her favourite reads from 2020 - a mix of fantasy, sci-fi and feminism.

Books Renee loved in 2020

Fantasy fiction with a smattering of non-fiction, a YA novel, and an amazing debut historical/thriller book.

Moata's Best movies of 2020

Moata's favourite films from her year of viewing. Mostly comedies because we all need a laugh these days.

Donna's Best reads of 2020

Donna's favourite books of the year - great non-fiction reads in history, fashion, feminism, memoir and more.

Best Reads and Views of 2020 aka The Plague Year

Some books and movies that I enjoyed - general fiction and non-fiction.

Jesse's Best of 2020

A list of 'non-fiction, fiction and anything else' reads for 2020! Contemporary fiction, some biographies, and YA fiction.

Best reads / listens / watches in 2020

ChristchurchCat lists their picks of the best of the year. Mostly contemporary fiction, a selection of non-fiction and docos, movies and TV

Best of Adult Fiction 2020 - Auahatanga

Fiction-loving librarians on Auahatanga | Level 4 | Tūranga have made their selection, & these are their choices for best fiction for 2020.

Summer Reading picks 2020 / 2021

Here are the books librarians plan to spend time with in the summer holidays.

Tiffani's best read of 2020

Upright Women Wanted  by Sarah Gailey.

I adored this book, and recommended it to everyone I knew. A sheltered young woman runs away from an arranged marriage and the death of her childhood sweetheart at the hands of her father, into the rough arms of a librarian. She discovers she is very gay, joins the resistance, and fights against both the patriarchy and the state (not necessarily in the that order). A swift and heart-warming read, with varied female protagonists that have depth and character.

Catalogue record for Upright women wanted

Teresa's best read of 2020

My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell

Dark, compelling, and a little gruelling at times, this novel about a 32 year old woman coming to terms with being groomed by her teacher when she was 15 years old had me captivated right from the beginning.  A clever book where the reader can see the traumatic impact of what happened to her, while she has to struggle and somehow figure out how to understand it all.

Catalogue record for My dark Vanessa


For teens

Young adult reviews: Favourites of 2020

Reviews for Young Adults - Best of 2020

Here are our favourite Young Adult reads of 2020! Manga and graphic novels, memoirs, gripping fiction, and more.

Picks of the young adult titles from 2020

Best of 2020: Young Adult

A selection of recommended new titles added to Christchurch City Libraries in 2020.

For kids

Library selectors choose the best title from 2020 for children, with fiction for preschoolers, to beginner readers and older children, picture books and graphic novels, as well as non-fiction titles about science, nature, art, and more.

Best of the year lists

Hong's best read of 2020

Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh

With great illustration and simple language, Marsh tells a story about herself with thought-provoking and amusing narratives. Both children and adult readers will enjoy reading it.

Catalogue record for Mophead

Lynette's best read of 2020

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy

A beautiful book that surprises and delights all that read it. It can be for children, adults, readers and non readers – well, anyone really that just wants to pick up a quick read. It’s about an unlikely friendship and universal lessons they learn together. A must read that leaves you thinking long after you have closed the pages.

Catalogue record for The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse

Ky's best read of 2020

Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

Inspired by real-life events, this follows the shooting of a young African-American boy and the impact of his death on his family and community.

Catalogue record for Ghost boys

Your favourites from 2020


Donna's best reads of 2020

Threads of Life by Clare Hunter

Threads of Life is history told through the lens of textiles & embroidery by a wonderful textile historian. Its beautifully written & is a fascinating slant if you love to stitch or love textiles. I bought copies for myself, my daughter & my sister.

Catalogue record for Threads of life

Peter's best read of 2020

All fun and games until somebody loses an eye by Christopher Brookmyre

Captivating humour and suspense.

Catalogue record for All fun and games until somebody loses an eye

Island of the Sea Women by Lisa See

I've also enjoyed the Lisa See books, especially Island of the Sea Women. The Lisa See books offer a really interesting insight into 20th century Chinese/American women. Lots of culture & history amongst the great stories.

Catalogue record for The island of the sea women

Sandra's best read of 2020

The girl in the mirror by Rose Carlyle

kept me guessing till the end

Catalogue record for The girl in the mirror

2020 best book lists

New Zealand

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