Best book covers of 2020 – My pick of New Zealand’s finest

I keep an eye out during the year for cool covers and flash-as book production. Here are my 2020 standouts.


I have been low key obsessed with this book cover since I first laid eyes on it. The cover photo is by Russell Kleyn, a "South African-born, multidisciplinary photographer based in Wellington, with portraits in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery in Wellington and the National Portrait Gallery in London. He's on Instagram @russell_kleyn and the photograph and casting by Russell featuring @_francafranca
Yes, the cover is art - but it's the way it connects with the contents that fires this to Number One. This is a head twistingly fabulous book and Pip Adam is a flipping genius. 

It's published by Victoria University Press who really respect the art of a good cover.

Nothing to see Pip Adam, published by Victoria University Press, cover by Russell Kleyn

Here are some more of the best book covers of 2020. Enjoy!

My beautiful dark twisted FONTasy

I do love a bit of typographical artistry and there were plenty of gems on that front. Albertus Alert - Far-flung by Rhian Gallagher deploying one of my faves (You might recognise it from the classic tv show The Prisoner). Font fans - Fonts in Use is a delight.



Artful deployment of the natural world - flora and fauna - make these covers super striking.



The face is to the body as the cover is to the book. Maybe. Anyway, a good strong bookface is a winner.



Kia ora to local authors and their beautiful books.



Some more stunners.


More best book covers

Best book covers of previous years

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