Calling all keen bakers: Come along to Tūranga Baking Club

Love to bake? Enjoy sharing your treats and recipes with others?

Tūranga Baking Club might just be the place for you! Meeting every first Wednesday of the month, the Baking Club is a wonderful opportunity to get to know fellow home bakers in the community. Entry is free: all you have to do is bring along some of your own baking. Biscuits, slices, cakes, cookies, pastries, scones - the possibilities are endless (and delicious!) While tucking into the communal kai, you can have a chat, learn some tips, exchange recipes, and make some new friends. Additionally, there’s a new theme each month to keep things fresh and fun.

Not sure what to bake? No problem! If you’re in need of some inspo or exciting new recipes, check out some of our delectable baking books free to borrow from Christchurch City Libraries:

Catalogue record for WhānaukaiCatalogue record for First, cream the butter and sugarCatalogue record for Essential volume 2Catalogue record for Bake it slice it eat itCatalogue record for Crazy for cookies brownies and barsCatalogue record for Lazy baking

Struggling with no eggs?

New hen welfare codes have seen changes to commercial hen housing, causing a drop in egg production. Prices have gone up and, in some cases, supermarket shelves have been rather bare. At present it may be a few months before supply levels are back to how they were. 

With the current shortage in New Zealand, it can be a little difficult to whip up some of your favourite go-to recipes. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing just one ingredient! However, we have a couple of alternative solutions to try:

Give vegan baking a go

Veganism is steadily rising in popularity by the year, owing to environmental, animal-rights and health reasons, amongst others. Luckily for us, that means we have a wonderful range of vegan baking books and recipes in our catalogue! And yes, we can confirm that treats made without eggs or butter can be just as tasty as those that include them.

Whether you know someone who’s vegan, or simply want to try your hand at making some vegan kai for yourself, take a peek at what’s on our shelves. Many of the dairy and egg substitutes that you’ll be using are readily available in supermarkets, such as nut and soy milk, vegan yogurt, cheese and butter, vegetable oils, and egg replacers. Vegan baking has never been easier!

Catalogue record for The vegan baking bibleCatalogue record for Whole food vegan bakingCatalogue record for No-bake vegan dessertsCatalogue record for The litte book of vegan bakesCatalogue record for The vegan cake bibleCatalogue record for Vegan treats

Create your own egg supply

If you’ve got enough space on your property, and you use eggs daily, you may have thought about raising hens. They’re wonderful animals that can bring a lot of joy (and eggs) to a household. However, they do take time, effort, and knowledge to nurture. With an average lifespan of 5-10 years, which varies between breeds and rearing conditions, chickens are a lengthy commitment. Check out the SPCA’s guide to see if adopting chickens could work for you.

There’s no one correct way to care for chickens, but it’s important to take all practical considerations into account so you can responsibly raise happy, healthy birds. Their welfare is paramount! For more in-depth info on rearing, take a look at these titles:

Catalogue record for What your chickens want you to knowCatalogue record for Storey's guide to raising chickensCatalogue record for Free-range Chicken GardensCatalogue record for The Beginner's Guide to Raising ChickensCatalogue record for Backyard chickensCatalogue record for 101 chicken keeping hacks

Come along for a sweet time!

The next Baking Club event will be held on Wednesday, 1 February, 10:30-11:30am on Tūhuratanga | Discovery, Level 3, Tūranga and the theme is Waitangi Day– bring in those back to school biscuits and slices. We hope to see you (and your baking delights) there!

Disclaimer: Please list your ingredients to keep everyone safe from allergies. All food shared is not prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Tūhuratanga | Discovery, Level 3, Tūranga