Coffee Table Book Looks

Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld had the grand idea of a coffee table book about coffee tables that turned into a coffee table. But what even is a coffee table book? It's a book that looks stunning sitting on a coffee table. It's the supermodel of books. It's Insta-worthy. A coffee table book is often about a topic with inherently strong visuals - art, architecture, design, photography, fashion ...

If you are looking for an interesting and beautiful book to have in your home, here are some publishers who specialise in lush tomes.


Taschen is renowned for their beautiful books. They publish some very spesh limited editions. One coming soon is David Hockney: A bigger book ($US3,000!).


Rizzoli books are a delight for fans of fashion, interior design, culinary, art, architecture, photography et al.


"Phaidon works with the world’s most influential artists, designers, chefs, architects, and photographers to publish important books that represent the very best in design, quality, and taste."


"We created this company to be the first luxury brand on culture. We wanted to supply everything for a contemporary library; we started working with top perfumers for scented candles, with Goyard for a book trunk, with Chanel on a quilted leather slipcase, and so on." (Assouline's website)

Thames & Hudson

"Thames & Hudson is one of the world’s leading publishers of illustrated books with over 2,000 titles in print." (Thames & Hudson's website)


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