Did you know… Z is for Moose?

Cover of Z is for MooseZ is for Moose is the best children's alphabet book I have come across in a long while. It is clever, inventive, cheeky, and very funny. It cries out to be read aloud by any member of the whanau and will be enjoyed by both adults and children, ours included.

The story begins with a double page illustration wherein the characters are being gathered in an orderly fashion by Zebra to get ready for their entrance on stage. Moose looks very excited jumping around with a lollipop and a needle, not orderly at all. Already there are some grumpy faces, a clue for the reader who soon becomes aware that things are not what they seem.

As alphabet books go this one starts with the usual A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for Cat, it’s all going well so far. Then, ta da ….

D is for Moose.
Zebra is incensed,
Moose? No. Moose does not start with D. You are on the wrong page.

And so the hilarity begins. Moose apologises and order ensues, for a short time anyway. Moose just can’t help himself though, “Is it my turn yet?”, as H for hat gets covered up. The slapstick humour continues and we haven’t even got to M yet. When the reader does get there it is not a pretty scene as Zebra gets mad and Moose throws a wobbly. Oh dear!

No more giveaways as you need to read the book to discover the next sequence of events. I do promise there will be an Ohhhh at the end. Z is definitely for Moose and alphabet books will never be the same again.