My WORD!: Clare looks forward to the festival

Feels mild, spring-like and lovely today, perfect conditions for pleasurable anticipation of WORD Christchurch events over the week to come. I'm heading to a few things, thematically tending towards the environment and the outdoors, these are my picks!

on Thursday 24th, it's -



MahMah Timoteo, Bronwyn Hayward and Erik Kennedy discuss writing and storytelling in a climate-changed world with Melanie Dixon. As the effects of climate change become more apparent and impactful, many writers are considering how their work can traverse the slippery boundaries between hope, loss, and an increasingly difficult-looking future for humanity and the many other lifeforms we share this planet with.

Come Friday, I'll be at -



I love exploring and thinking about Aotearoa's mountains and remote places, so I'll be interested to hear from Dave Vass and Nic Low as they discuss the pleasures and perils of mountaineering. Vass has recently published a memoir about his experiences over a lifetime of high adventure, and how he's navigated a changed life in the aftermath of a very bad accident in Fiordland.

Not Set In Stone

And my last one, on Sunday, is -



I'm a runner, currently trying to heal from a long-lasting achilles injury, resulting from a gorgeous but cursed beach run last summer. Can't wait to soar along Port Hills tracks once again, in the meantime I'll listen to Josie Shapiro, Jessica Howland Kany and Guyon Espiner in conversation with Alex Casey as they discuss the addictive, painful and pleasurable intricacies of what it is to run.

A Runner's Guide to Rakiura

The Drinking Game

Everything Is Beautiful and Everything Hurts

There really is so much to see at this years WORD festival - it's a cornucopia of ideas, writers, and artists. I recommend checking out the programme and heading into the city for one or some of the many events. There's something for everyone.

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