Ngā Whāinga – Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori Challenges 2021 – Overcome fears

This year for Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori, the Māori Services team shares some whakataukī and ideas around keeping well.

Tūwhitia te hopo, mairangitia te angitū.
Eliminate the negative, accentuate the positive.

This whakataukī is often interpreted as “Feel the fear and do it anyway.” In particular, this whakataukī comes up a lot when talking about learning te reo Māori (or any new thing for that matter), and the anxieties that come with taking on something so big. What if we’re not good at it? What if people laugh at us? But we do it because it is big. We feel the fear, and we get on the waka anyway. Because we can’t be good at it if we don’t try!

But we can also look at it in the context of our mental health. Sometimes when we’re struggling, it can be scary or uncomfortable to even admit we need help, much less ask for it or offer it to someone else. But it’s important to look after our mental health just as much as our physical health. Feel that fear, that uncomfortableness of reaching out, and do it anyway!

Hei mahi - things to do

  • Check in on the people in and around your mirumiru (bubble)! Make sure they’re doing okay. Take some time to check in with yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you need to.
  • Since it is Māori Language week, take a look at some of these books (also available as eBooks) that can help you get on (or get back on) the reo waka. Scary but worth it!
  • Have a look at the allright? website for tips and tricks on staying well. In particular Te Waioratanga has plenty of Te Ao Māori suggestions to help strengthen all aspects of your Whare Tapa Whā.
  • Try something new! Take up a hobby you’ve been putting off, read/watch/play something you normally wouldn’t. Ask a friend to show you something they’re interested in!

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