Recent necrology, March 2014

cover of Rifling through my drawersSome well-known people who have died recently:

  • Tony Benn, 1925-2014
    British Labour Party politician, orator, campaigner and diarist, recognisable by his pipe, tape recorder and outsized mug
  • Clarissa Dickson Wright, 1947-2014
    Bombastic, outspoken lawyer who was brought to her knees by riches and alcoholism then rose again as a cook on Two Fat Ladies
  • Ann Howard, 1934-2014
    Opera singer who portrayed ‘witches and bitches’ and excelled as Carmen
  • Bob Larbey, 1934-2014
    Scriptwriter who mined the comic potential of suburbia in The Good Life, and Ever Decreasing Circles
  • Kate O’Mara, 1939-2014
    Actress best known for her role in Dynasty in the mid 1980s
  • Alain Resnais, 1922-2014
    French New Wave director celebrated for tackling in film Proustian themes of time and memory
  • Richard Vaughan, 1927-2014
    Medieval historian and ornithologist who studies bird life from Europe to the Arctic