Scones: Keep them simple or fancy them up

Scones they are such a Kiwi favourite comfort food always in demand in cafes around the country. If you’ve been reading about the $10.00 scones in Queenstown here’s a great scone recipe from The Exchange in Queenstown which is the real deal. They are so simple and cheap to make yet expensive to buy so why not give it a go.

Take a look at our home baking books for recipes like  Naomi Toilalo’s “world’s best scones” in her book Whānaukai or take the classic Edmond’s recipe and add dates sultanas with lemonade to rise them or olive instead of butter or go gluten and dairy free. Go savoury for that quintessential cheese scone or experiment with adding pesto, sundried tomatoes, or buttermilk and cayenne pepper.

Try our tips for success: Try grating your cold butter into your scones, use a gentle hand when mixing them try using the blade of a broad knife and mix till they just combine, avoid kneading them and keep that mixture on the moist side.

Why not bring them along to share at our next Baking club session at Tūranga where we are celebrating the humble scone in all its forms; share your recipes, successes and failures with other keen bakers and make new friends.

Why not send us in your favourite recipe and tips to get the perfect scone.