The post-Skywalker blues…

Now that Star Wars is over...or is it?!

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You've seen the final instalment of the latest trilogy. You've waxed nostalgic for the epic space battles, stories of personal courage, and good defeating evil... but what now...?? You've accepted the Mandalorian, the Obi-Wan spin-off is set to be filmed very soon, Cassian Andor and K-2SO are also set for the Disney series treatment in the next few years - but they're all a ways off the meantime, let us help you fill the rebel-shaped void in your heart. One (or more) of these five titles might be your next Sci-Fi obsession...

A small crew to save humanity, a washed-up detective to uncover the truth, and the discovery of something that will change our future forever. This is a modern (2011), gritty, and gripping Space Opera, and a great option if you like the flawed characters and grimy future-mess of SW. This story is action-packed and has some brilliant world building for the off-Earth habitats. It also inspired the TV series 'The Expanse'.

How about getting caught up in intergalactic politics? This is THE classic Space Opera from 1965, featuring a richly descriptive alien world. There's political manoeuvrings and betrayals, and a "chosen one" theme to carry us through the story. It's intense and dramatic and there will soon be a new movie version directed by Denis Villeneuve and set for release in 2020 - “He who controls the spice controls the universe.”

What would life be like as a stormtrooper...?? This classic from 1959 is still all-too-relevant for modern times, and looks at life for a group of youngsters drafted into the space marines during a war with an alien race. Political manipulations, coming of age, alien invasion, and violence, are all centre stage for this menacing and brutal story. Also a classic movie from 1997, directed by Paul Verhoeven.

If you loved the more fantastical elements of the Star Wars universe - the strange creatures, the magic, the romance - then this is a great option for you. Le Guin builds amazingly vivid and magical worlds and populates them with all manner of strange and gifted creatures. Throughout, there is a quest, an amazing adventure, good-vs-evil, and a coming of age tale. Classic storytelling which has had some serious love from Japan and the anime world.

What about life on board a discovery ship, reaching new worlds, exploring and science-ing your way around the galaxies...? This one is another epic Space Opera. With more science content and futuristic tech, it's an intense and suspenseful "boldly-going" story of humanity's push for answers to the cosmic mysteries of the universe. It's gripping, adventurous, and features a strong central figure to carry us through the adventures of archaeology in space.

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