What is life if not the shadow of a fleeting dream?

Umberto Eco, 1932- 2016

Inventing the EnemyConfessions of A Young NovelistTurning Back the ClockNumero ZeroConfessions of A Young NovelistFoucault's PendulumThe Prague CemeteryThe Name of the RoseThe Book of Legendary LandsThe Mysterious Flame of Queen LoanaOn LiteratureBaudolinoArt and Beauty in the Middle AgesKant and the PlatypusThe Island of the Day BeforeHow to Travel With A Salmon & Other EssaysFive Moral PiecesThis Is Not the End of the BookOn UglinessOn Beauty

"Thus I rediscovered what writers have always known (and have told us again and again): books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told."

― Umberto Eco, Postscript to the Name of the Rose

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