Dia de Muertos / Day of the Dead

Día de Muertos is celebrated throughout Mexico on 2 November (All Souls' Day). Many other countries around the world hold similar celebrations by having special days for honouring the dead. These celebrations occur in various countries in Central and South America, Europe and Asia, where they mark the holiday according to their own local customs.


Many people around the world, even if they are not directly connected to Mexican culture, are drawn to the concept and imagery of Mexico’s Day of the Dead, so the holiday seems to continually gain in popularity as more people learn about it.

People create altars in their homes to honour their deceased loved ones. In some places it’s common to allow guests to enter the house to view the altar.

Mexicans celebrate Día de Muertos to honour their deceased loved ones. It allows the dead to “live again” by giving their friends and family the opportunity to get together and reminisce. It is a loving festivity, full of joy and remembrance.

Photos of Dia de Muertos displays

Dia de los Muertos

Dia de Muertos: Day of the Dead

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