Dudley Creek

Looking at the slow and controlled flow of the present day Dudley Creek, it is hard to believe that it used to flood, causing havoc throughout the area, especially in St Albans. The Christchurch Draining Board tamed the creek by means of a diversion project and any extra water is now siphoned off into Horseshoe Lake.

Dudley Creek begins in Bishopdale, crossing into Papanui under Greers Road. It then meanders to Blighs Road, bypasses the old Papanui Police Station before flowing east under Papanui Road. Flowing towards Shirley the creek eventually crosses Aylesford Street and winds its way across Shirley Road, past Churchill Courts, St Albans Creek. Further down Stapletons Road, past Churchill Courts, St Albans Creek flows into Dudley as well. After leaving Stapletons Road our creek flows towards North Parade and Banks Avenue. New houses have been built along this stretch, taking advantage of the stream setting. Woodchester Home also borders the creek and they have built a wooden deck that extends over the creek where residents can relax in the shade under trees.

Dudley Creek ends at River Road where it flows into the Avon River, and this end of the creek is tidal.


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