Kites and Kite Day

Flying kites has an important role in many cultures across the world. Māori used kites, Te Manu Tukutuku, for recreation and communication. Kites were often seen as connectors of the heavens and the earth. In Christchurch, Kite Day at New Brighton is a popular summer event.

Kite Day at New Brighton

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Saturday 13 January 2024, 11am to 3pm

Kite Day features a sandcastle-building station, a beach dig competition, and live music hosted by radio station sponsor The Hits.

Mr Whippy will be selling ice creams at the  New Brighton South Ramp car park and Youth Alive Trust will also be onsite with a candyfloss and kite stall. A pop-up Kite Shop will sell a range of colourful kites.

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