Most popular fiction for adults 2014

What are the most popular items at Christchurch City Libraries? In an attempt to find out the answer, our staff have compiled reports on the most popular fiction, non-fiction, childrens and young adult titles.

  1. Cover of Life after life Life after life Kate Atkinson
  2. Child, Lee, Personal
  3. Fforde, Katie, A French affair
  4. Child, Lee, Never go back
  5. Patterson, James, NYPD Red
  6. Roberts, Nora, Dark witch
  7. Moyes, Jojo, The one plus one
  8. Binchy, Maeve, A week in winter
  9. Galbraith, Robert, The silkworm
  10. Patterson, James, Hope to die
  11. Picoult, Jodi, The storyteller
  12. Connelly, Michael, The black box
  13. Patterson, James, Invisible
  14. Patterson, James, Unlucky 13
  15. Connelly, Michael, The gods of guilt
  16. Catton, Eleanor, The luminaries
  17. Picoult, Jodi, Lone wolf
  18. Roberts, Nora, The witness
  19. Green, Jane, The accidental husband
  20. Galbraith, Robert, The cuckoo's calling
  21. Rowling, J. K., The casual vacancy
  22. Baldacci, David G., The target
  23. Cox, Josephine, The runaway woman
  24. Patterson, James, Gone
  25. Roberts, Nora, The collector
  26. Grisham, John, Sycamore Row
  27. Picoult, Jodi, Leaving time
  28. Binchy, Maeve, Chestnut Street
  29. Coben, Harlan, Found
  30. Smith, Wilbur, Vicious circle
  31. Baldacci, David G., King and Maxwell
  32. Cole, Martina, The good life
  33. Cornwell, Patricia Daniels, Dust
  34. Pearse, Lesley. Survivor
  35. Smith, Wilbur, Desert god
  36. Trollope, Joanna, Balancing act
  37. Kelly, Cathy. It started with Paris
  38. Patterson, James, Private India
  39. Roberts, Nora, Whiskey Beach
  40. Roberts, Nora, Shadow spell
  41. Brown, Dan, Inferno
  42. Archer, Jeffrey, Best kept secret
  43. Coben, Harlan, Missing you
  44. Flynn, Katie, The forget-me-not summer
  45. James, Peter, Want you dead
  46. Patterson, James, Mistress
  47. Robb, J. D., Festive in death
  48. Connelly, Michael, The burning room
  49. Grisham, John, The racketeer
  50. Steel, Danielle, A perfect life
  51. Baldacci, David G., One summer
  52. Deaver, Jeffery, The October list
  53. Reichs, Kathy, Bones never lie
  54. Baldacci, David G., The escape
  55. Child, Lee, A wanted man
  56. Coben, Harlan, Six years
  57. Deaver, Jeffery, The skin collector
  58. Robb, J. D., Concealed in death
  59. Robinson, Peter, Abattoir blues
  60. Child, Lee, The affair
  61. Cussler, Clive, The eye of heaven
  62. Grisham, John, Gray Mountain
  63. Lewis, Susan, Never say goodbye
  64. Reichs, Kathy, Bones of the lost
  65. Rendell, Ruth, The girl next door
  66. Roberts, Nora, Blood magick
  67. Baldacci, David G., The hit
  68. Barclay, Linwood, No safe house
  69. Evanovich, Janet, Top secret twenty-one
  70. McNab, Andy, For valour
  71. Pearse, Lesley. Forgive me
  72. Rankin, Ian, Standing in another man's grave
  73. Ryan, Chris, Hunter-killer
  74. Cox, Josephine, Three letters
  75. Cussler, Clive, Havana storm
  76. Matthews, Carole. A place to call home
  77. Lewis, Susan, Behind closed doors
  78. Patterson, James, Burn
  79. Patterson, James, Private L.A
  80. Baldacci, David G., The forgotten
  81. Cussler, Clive, Ghost ship
  82. Keyes, Marian, The woman who stole my life
  83. Patterson, James, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
  84. Patterson, James, Private
  85. Roberts, Nora, The perfect Hope
  86. Simons, Paullina, Bellagrand
  87. Kinsella, Sophie, Shopaholic to the stars
  88. La Plante, Lynda, Wrongful death
  89. Lewis, Susan, The truth about you
  90. McDermott, Andy, Kingdom of darkness
  91. Nesbø, Jo, Phantom
  92. Roberts, Nora, The last boyfriend
  93. Steel, Danielle, Pegasus
  94. Baldacci, David G., The innocent
  95. Brown, Sandra, Deadline
  96. Brown, Sandra, Mean streak
  97. Gerritsen, Tess, Last to die
  98. Kellerman, Jonathan, Killer
  99. Kelly, Cathy. The honey queen
  100. La Plante, Lynda, Twisted

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