New Zealanders in World War 2 – Notable Personnel

Dictionary of New Zealand biography 5 volumes
Volumes 4 (1921-1940) and 5 (1941-1960) include articles on World War II service personnel. Check the Categories Index under Armed Forces for lists of chaplains, military administrators, airmen, health administrators, military leaders, naval officers, prisoners of war, resistance workers, soldiers, matrons and military nurses. The Dictionary is also available online.
Harper, G.(ed.) Born to lead: portraits of New Zealand commanders
World War II leaders: Ch. 6: Keith Park; Ch. 7: Bernard Freyberg; Ch. 8: Howard Kippenberger; Ch. 9: Peter Phipps; Ch. 10: Harold Barrowclough; Ch. 11: Arthur Connaught; Ch. 12: commanding officers of infantry battalions of 2 New Zealand Division; Ch. 13: Maori commanders of 28 Battalion; Ch. 14: Leonard Thornton.
Macfarlane, J.D. To battle, 1939-1945: Old Boys of Christ’s College who lost their lives in the Second World War
Biographies are organised by theatre of war, with an alphabetical name index.
Tonkin, K. New Zealanders of action in World War Two
Biographies written for children. Includes notes on Keith Park, Charles Upham, Nancy Wake and Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu.
Khaki All BlacksWhatman, M. Khaki All Blacks: a tribute to the ‘Kiwis’: the 2nd NZEF Army Rugby team
Includes biographical details about many team members: Allan Huia Andrews, Charlie Saxton, Herbert Cook, Bob Scott, Eric Boggs, Stan Young, Ronald Dobson, Charles (Ike) Proctor, William (Shorty) Edwards, George Nelson, Ronald Johnstone, Neville Thornton, Garth Bond, Walter Argus, Neil McPhail, Winston McCarthy, Jim Sherratt, J.B. Smith, Jim Kearney, Fred Allen, Norman King, Cliff Porter, Lachie Grant, Keith Arnold, Johnny Simpson, Donald Bell, Alan Blake, Patrick Rhind, Stan Woolley, Victor Butler, Jack Bond, Frank Haigh, Maurice Ingpen, Albert King, Jack Maclean, Percy Guyton, James Gasson, Leighton Hill. App. 1: John Burns Smith; App. 2: Jack Finlay; App. 3: Bernard Freyberg; App. 4: reminiscences of Mick Bremner.

Alan Deere

Deere, A.C. Nine lives
1st ed., 1959. 2nd ed., 1991. Autobiography of a fighter pilot.
Smith, R.C. Al Deere: wartime fighter pilot, peacetime commander

Bernard Freyberg

Barber, L. Freyberg: Churchills’ salamander
Freyberg’s life in the period, 1941-1945. Covers the Crete, Western Desert, Mareth and Cassino campaigns.
Boon, K. Bernard Freyberg
Written for primary school children.
Freyberg, P. Bernard Freyberg, V.C.: soldier of two nations
Biography written by Freyberg’s son. Chs. 14-28 cover the second World War.
Singleton-Gates, P. General Lord Freyberg, V.C.: an unofficial biography
Stevens, W.G. Freyberg, V.C.: the man, 1939-1945
Written by one of Freyberg’s officers.
Wright, M. Freyberg’s war: the man, the legend and reality
Ch. 16: Judgements of history.

Howard Kippenberger

Harper, G. Kippenberger: an inspired New Zealand commander
Biography written by an academic historian.
Kippenberger, H. World War II letters and cards, 1940-1945
Digitised letters by Howard Kippenberger (Kip) to Glen and May Morgan.

Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu

Sutherland, I. The Ngarimu hui
Victoria Cross citation and illustrated account of investiture.

Keith Park

Orange, V. A biography of Air Chief Marshal Sir Keith Park
Parts 2-3 cover war years. Chs. 9-11: Battle of Britain. Written by an academic historian.

Charles Upham

Boon, K. Charles Upham
Marriott, J. Soldier in the yellow socks: Charles Upham : our finest fighting soldier
Both above booklets written for primary school children. No footnotes or bibliography.
Sandford, K. Mark of the lion
Biography of Upham, the winner of two Victoria Crosses.

Nancy Wake

FitzSimons, P. Nancy Wake: a biography of our greatest war heroine
Wake, N. The autobiography of the woman the Gestapo called the White Mouse
Nancy Wake was born in Wellington. A journalist in Paris in the 1930s, she became a Resistance fighter after war broke out, a member of the British Special Operations Unit and a leader in the Maquis. She was highly decorated for her work.


Burns, M. Cobber Kain
Edgar James Kain, a fighter ace in RAF 73 Squadron, was killed in 1940.
Stowers, R. Cobber Kain: Kiwi Fighter Ace Extraordinaire.
A biography of one of New Zealand’s fighter aces.
McDonald, G. Jack Hinton, V.C.
Hinton served in Middle East and Greece, where he won the VC. He was captured and imprisoned in Germany, escaping twice but recaptured each time.
Orange, V. Ensor’s endeavour: a biography of Wing Commander Mick Ensor
A commander in the RNZAF.
Orange, V. The road to Biggin Hill: a life of Wing Commander Johnny Checketts
A fighter pilot in RNZAF.


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