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Blue water kiwisWright, M. Blue water kiwis: New Zealand’s naval story
A useful, well-illustrated introduction. Ch. 4: Second World War; Ch. 5: Pacific crisis, 1941-5.

Other sources

Allison, D. Flying navy: New Zealanders who flew in the Fleet Air Arm in World War I and World War II and the Roll of Honour of those who died in action and on active service, 2009
Service biographies and photographs of casualties. World War II, pp. 68-285. Also includes notes on sixteen New Zealanders who became prisoners of war.
Crawford, J. Atlantic kiwis: New Zealand and the Battle of the Atlantic
New Zealanders who took part in the Battle of the Atlantic, as servicemen in the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the New Zealand Merchant Navy. Also discusses those who served in the Royal Air Force and Coastal Command.
Gambrill, T. New Zealand cruisers in combat
Achilles, Leander, Gambia, Neptune. Includes maps and a bibliography.
Harker, J.S. The birth and growth of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Chs. 8-25 cover the Second World War, both in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Includes discussion of all major battles.
Harker, J.S. The rockies: New Zealand minesweepers at war
The work of minesweepers, including those which swept the waters round New Zealand, and the Kiwi, Moa, and Tui in the Pacific. Honours and awards to Moa crew, p. 182.
Morey, K.A. Service from the sea = Ngā mahi nō te moana: New Zealand naval history told through the collections of the Royal New Zealand Navy Museum, 2008
Ch. 3, The Second World War, pp. 85-120: Huia Beesley, Robert Harvey, Commander S.F. Hermans, Nurse Florence Mundie, Wrens Joan Matthews, Barbara Macky and M.V. Morten, HMS Achilles, Neptune, Leander, and Monowai, Auckland and Wellington harbour defences, Ivan Brown and minesweeping; Ch. 4, Kiwis Abroad, pp. 121-138: Jim MacDonald, G.C. Forrester, A.W. Dirreen, Laurence Charles Hurndell; Ch. 5, The War in the Pacific, pp. 139-164: S.E. Coveney, R.W. Kirkwood, A.F. Edwardson, M. Smith, B.E. Turner, HMNZS Moa, Kiwi, Tui and Gambia.
Waters, S.D. The Royal New Zealand Navy
Official war history. Read an online edition of this book at NZETC New Zealand Official War Histories
Men, HMS Neptune. 1940s. Entry by Gemma Jackson in the 2016 Christchurch City Libraries Photo Hunt.. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 NZ. CCL-PH16-GeJa-03


The Royal New Zealand Navy
Covers the origins, war operations and post war operations of the NZ Navy.
HMNZS Leander
Information from New Zealand History Online about the Leander-class cruisers Achilles and Leander.
Battle of the River Plate
Examines the first battle undertaken by a New Zealand warship.
The Royal NZ Navy’s Bird-class ships
Covers the story of Moa, Kiwi and Tui.

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