How to find new titles

We are changing how we share information about New Titles - it's a new, more sustainable approach

Kia ora koutou. We are changing how we share information about New Titles. We want to promote a new, more sustainable approach. Instead of printing lists each month, we will highlight what’s new in our collections. Here is how you can find out about the latest arrivals in our collection:

Visit the New Titles page

Visit our New Titles page to see the latest books, eBooks, eAudiobooks, large print, DVDs, and stuff for kids and teens.

Find out what's cool from our Selectors

Selectors order new books and resources, so they know about the stuff winging its way to libraries. Check out Selector Picks for the best and most interesting new titles for you to enjoy.

Browse our Weekly Lists of new stuff

Check our weekly RSS feeds for New Fiction, New Non-Fiction, and Just ordered.

Subscribe to Library Aware newsletters

Subscribe to our Library Aware newsletters and find out about new titles in a variety of topics - from science to sci-fi.

Use the catalogue to find out what's new

Searching for items on a topic? Do your search, then use the “New at the Library” filter in the BiblioCommons catalogue and you will see the newest additions.