Make the switch from the OverDrive app to Libby

The OverDrive app has been discontinued, keep reading with the Libby app

Attention, OverDrive app users! OverDrive is discontinuing the legacy OverDrive app from Monday 1 May 2023 and transitioning users to the Libby app. Libby is OverDrive’s newer app for browsing and enjoying digital content from our library.

It’s time to give Libby a try! All your loans, holds, and wish list items will be waiting for you in Libby when you add your library card.

Libby also comes with new features we know you’ll love, like:

  • Tags to categorize books however you’d like—you can even sync your OverDrive wish list into a tag!
  • A central bookshelf for all loans and holds
  • Customizable notifications for ready holds, new magazine issues, and more
  • Compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Sonos speakers
  • Extra learning and entertainment resources, like Kanopy
  • Easy access to OverDrive support staff

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Note: Our library’s digital collection will continue to be available at on desktop and mobile devices.

Kobo: If you have a Kobo eReader with built in OverDrive integration this will continue, this is completely separate from the OverDrive app and you will still be able to use your Kobo to borrow books from our OverDrive collection.

Below are some guides to help you make the move to Libby: