Personal development reading guide

Personal development reading guide

Great reads to help you in the important work of being your best self.

Are you trying to lead a more healthy, sustainable life, or attempting new challenges and hobbies?

Perhaps you are trying to de-stress, attempting to get in touch with your spiritual side, or working on your professional or personal relationships.

Whatever the reason for your quest, these life coaches will guide you to your best self in an entertaining and accessible way.

Personal development reading lists

Personal development reading lists

Non-fiction - Trauma healing

Trauma can take many forms in today's taxing world. Psychiatrists, counsellors and trauma survivors share their experiences and expertise.

Non-fiction - Reconnect with Nature

Be it a meditative visit to the local park or a walk across the country the importance of connecting with nature cannot be undervalued.

Non-fiction - Out: Families and Sexuality

These titles offer empathetic advice and poignant biography with a focus on LGBTQIA youth and their families.

Non-fiction - Gender Rainbow Families

Find out how LGBTQI families overcome prejudice and forge their own identity.

Non-fiction - Mindfulness

These titles give an accessible introduction to the techniques and spiritual underpinnings of mindfulness.

Biography – Sustainability and Self-reliant living

True stories of those determined to live a sustainable life. Learn how to be less wasteful and more self sufficient.

Non-fiction - Sustainable Living

Looking for ways to help save the planet? Learn how to be more self-sufficient, less wasteful and a true eco warrior.

Non-fiction - Going for Gold

Books packed with stories of sporting legends and their insights into some of the most hard won victories of all time.

Non-fiction - Hobbies and upskilling

Looking to pick up a new hobby or skill? Delve into some culinary adventures, take up a new craft, or discover your artistic talents.

Non-fiction - Endurance

What makes people run, get on a bike or dive into the deep blue and put their bodies through days, weeks and months of agony?

Non-fiction - Healthy Living

Diverting titles on healthy living tackling topics like exercise and clean eating with anecdotes, tips, tricks, and personal stories.

Non-fiction - Self-help

There's no such thing as a perfect life - we all struggle with its challenges. Find fresh perspectives, guidance, and practical advice.

Non-fiction - Popular Philosophy

Philosophical theories from the ancients to modern day explained in an entertaining and, yes, even humorous, way.

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