True crime reading guide

True crime reading guide

True stories of murder, gangsters, investigations and the wrongfully imprisoned.

The truth can be stranger than fiction, and just as gripping.

Join the chase as investigators hunt down black widows and blood-thirsty killers, fraudsters and mobsters. Learn about forensics and the psychology of the criminal mind, or gain a greater understanding of fundamentalists and extremism. Play Sherlock and try to solve an historical "cold case" or pick apart the evidence in a miscarriage of justice.

Real life stories of crime and punishment await.

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True crime reading lists

True crime reading lists

Non-fiction - Espionage

Explore the history of espionage, enjoy its great stories and understand the role it plays in the world today.

Non-Fiction - Australian True Crime

Read of vice, corruption, drugs, and family secrets and uncover Australia’s criminal underworld and folk legends.

Illustrated Biographies - War and Conflict

If you enjoy true stories about people's lives during war or political and social upheaval, you may enjoy one of these graphic biographies.

Non-Fiction - Injustice and Wrongful Conviction

A staggering number of innocent people are incarcerated yearly. Read moving, thrilling and ultimately inspiring tales of resilience and hope

Non-Fiction - Crime over time

These historical mysteries will inform, entertain, and best of all, keep you guessing right to the heart-stopping end.

Extremism, Crimes in Warfare, Genocide, Hate Crimes, & Sects

Delve into the world of extremism and the charismatic leaders that draw people to sects, the fringes of religion, and terrorism.

Non-Fiction - Gangsters, Fraudsters, the Criminal Underworld

Brazen tales of hustles, hoaxes and heists. Find out how they pulled it off (though some are still unsolved to this day). Can you solve it?

Non-Fiction - Forensics and Criminal Motivation

Explore DNA analysis, toxicology, fingerprinting, post mortems and criminal profiling and the history of forensics and criminal psychology.

Non-fiction - New Zealand True Crime

Famous robberies, crimes of passion, criminal trials, wicked murders, heists, fraud, gangs, and survivor stories... all involving Kiwi crims

Non-Fiction - True Crime books adapted for film and TV

Tales of murder so notorious they've been portrayed in television programmes, documentaries and movies - slow burners to page turners.

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