World and travel reading guide

World and travel reading guide

Experience unfamiliar landscapes, people and cultures. Be transported.

Fall under the spell of travel. Find reads that take you to exotic cities, feast on the foods of a foreign culture, or be inspired by real life adventurers.

Grow your understanding of the world by immersing yourself in the history, politics, and culture of another land or region.


World and travel reading lists

Non-Fiction - Ancient Civilisations

Histories that you tell how life was in ancient times, for humans and animals.

Non-Fiction - Historical Tales

Histories that take you back in time and to places around the world, but also give a nod to the future.

Non-fiction - Famous cities

Dreaming of travelling to famous cities and romantic places? Take an armchair trip with these great reads.

Non-fiction - Microhistories

Histories with a narrow focus - a short time period, a confined area - that bring the history of different places around the world to life.

Non-fiction - Political activism around the world

Reads about crusading journalists working to reveal the truth, and activists who put themselves on the line for their cause.

Non-fiction - Travel stories of culture and place

Travel books written about the place, your connection with it, the people you meet, and what it is like to live there.

Non-fiction - Travel Adventures

Be inspired by adventures taken by everyday people, and learn about faraway places. Stories of discovery and wonder.

Non-fiction - Food journeys

The rich history of what appears on our plate is celebrated in these books which celebrate food around the world - feast your eyes on these.

Illustrated Biographies - Travel

A collection of the best biographical graphic travel novels available in our collection - a chance to travel without leaving your seat!

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