Shand’s Emporium

Shand’s Emporium was located at 88 Hereford Street, Christchurch.

Gough, Gough & Hamer Ltd, 88 Hereford Street, 1946

Gough, Gough & Hamer Ltd, 88 Hereford Street, 1946 Kete Christchurch StaceyBuildings-015.jpg

It is a small, unpretentious wooden building, formerly sandwiched between the Royal Insurance building and the former New Zealand Trust and Loan Company building (1866). It was built in 1860 on land owned by farmer John Shand. The building housed professional offices until its conversion to shops in 1977, when it was named Shand’s Emporium.

The Historic Places Trust rated Shand’s Emporium as a building of historical interest. It is one of the oldest commercial buildings in the Christchurch central business area and one of the few surviving buildings from the early period of Pakeha colonisation.

Shand’s Emporium suffered damage in the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011.

In December 2013, it was moved to the back of its existing site (in front of the SCAPE mural Kaleidoscopic Nights).

In the morning of Saturday 27 June 2015, it was moved to Manchester Street beside the Trinity Church. Read Shand's Emporium touches down on Manchester St, Christchurch by Brittany Mann in The Press.

88 Hereford Street - Angle

88 Hereford Street - Angle. 28 January 2010. Kete Christchurch Hereford_Street_88_Angle.jpg

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The Architectural heritage of ChristchurchThis page is based on information from The Architectural Heritage of Christchurch: Shand’s Emporium.

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