Ōahoa — Oashore


Ōahoa — Oashore Names for this outer bay range from Ōahoa to Ikoa. Together with a range of English interpretations it was finally settled in 1982 that the name of the bay would be Oashore (Go Ashore).

Edward Weller and his family

Ōahoa is known for the whaling station established there in 1839 by Edward Weller who “acquired” from Korako, an Ōtākou (Otago) chief, all of the lands from the “Waitaki River to Banks Peninsula”.

Edward Weller would later marry Nikuru, daughter of Taiaroa (the Ōtākou fighting chief), and their daughter Nani (Hana Wera) Weller would marry Raniera Ellison. This Ngāi Tahu family is still prominent in tribal affairs today.

The creek

In the bay there is a creek originating from a spring named after Moki, the renowned Ngāi Tahu warrior, who conquered the Ngāti Māmoe people of Banks Peninsula. Moki was the son of Tūāhuriri whose descendants settled in Waitaha (Canterbury).

Images of Ōahoa (Oashore)

Ōahoa — OashoreŌahoa — Oashore


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