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Astronomy is the study of all objects and matter in the universe beyond earth's atmosphere. That includes the sun, moon  planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, and comets.

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Astronomy organisations

The Canterbury Astronomy Society hosts open nights and there is an Oxford Area School Observatory.


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Space and Astronomy for Kids

Find out more about outer space and astronomy with our library resources and selected websites.

Most books on space are in the 520s in the non-fiction section of your library:

  • space craft, astronauts and travelling to the moon are at 629.4
  • life on other planets at 576.8
  • aliens at 001.942

What do the numbers mean? See our guide to the Dewey Decimal System.



Books on Space

Science eResources for kids

Britannica Library Kids

Colourful and easy to use interactive online version of the Encyclopædia Britannica. Safe and accurate information for primary level.

World Book Kids

Easy-to-use encyclopædia for young readers. Articles, multimedia, games, science projects and interactive tools for homework and fun.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a great place to find pictures and articles about animals and our natural world.

World Book Early World of Learning

Interactive learning resource developed by early childhood education experts for preschoolers and children in early primary school.

More eResources

Online Resources

Try these links to great websites

  • Ask an astronomer
    Got questions about space? Ask an astronomer!
  • Bite-size guide to Earth and space
    The BBC brings you a revision guide to everything there is to know about the stars and space.
  • NASA kids club
    Learn about space and space travel by playing these games.
  • Ology
    Find your place in space in this jam packed online exhibit from the American Natural History Museum.
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