Christchurch Photo Hunt 2015 – the winners

Where have you been ...where are you going ... how did you get there?  Arrivals and Departures: the journeys that have shaped us was the theme of this year’s Christchurch Photo Hunt.

We received some wonderful images ranging from departures and arrivals in the Antarctic to a ladies pipe band marching to Ashburton. These are now available for all to enjoy - you'll find planes, cars, ships, and family trips, walkers and travellers.

The Judges, Bridgit Anderson from University of Canterbury and Rosemary Baird from Heritage New Zealand met with staff to decide on the winners in four categories within the Arrivals and Departures theme – Places, People, a collection of related images, and an overall winner.

The Judges were impressed with the quality of entries as Bridgit Anderson explains, "It's always a pleasure to view everyone's photo submissions and this year was no exception. The theme of 'arrivals and departures' was broadly interpreted by some and gave us plenty to consider. A lot of the submissions were considerably enhanced by the stories attached to them and there was a fascinating mix of single images and collections."

Winners in each category (Places, People, Collection) won a Kobo Glow eReader. The prize for overall winner was a tablet.


Overall winner

Jill Blacklock, Kaye Neely from Wellington leaving from Christchurch Airport with an NAC air hostess, 1974

Judge's comment: This is a simple but highly evocative image with a wonderful story attached to it. It alludes to a time when air travel was far less common and something to dress up for. This delightful looking four year old is travelling by herself to stay with her cousins and is about to board the plane accompanied by an NAC air hostess. Akin to a rite of passage, her excitement as she glances back is palpable. Bridgit Anderson


Ali Beken, The corner of Rossall and Rhodes Streets in 1925

Judges' comments: This early photo of Rossall and Rhodes St shows how suburban Christchurch has changed in 90 years. Loved the clear detail and aerial view complete with car. Rosemary Baird

This image is fascinating from a number of perspectives, not least of which had me slightly concerned as to the safety of the photographer. It appears to have been taken from quite high up. The height and angle of the crossroads with the single car approaching the corner makes it a very interesting composition. Populated with classic Christchurch villas, vegetation and established roads, this is a city with a vision for its future. Bridgit Anderson


Kathleen Morris, Doris Goulding from Hornby with her two children and three nieces outside the Regent Café in Cathedral Square, 1949

Judges' comments: Great shot of 5 little girls - this photo really illustrates 1940s childhood - the dresses, haircuts, and wicker prams. We also loved the background details - the Regent café, and rows of parked bikes which are part of Christchurch's history. Rosemary Baird

I think what makes this photograph so interesting is the combination of people and setting. It gives a wonderful sense of what going to 'town' must have been like in 1949. Everyone is beautifully dressed. Some of the children look less pleased about it than the others but perhaps they weren't so sure about being photographed. The Regent Cafe entrance and sign are clearly visible in the background as is the bike stand and bicycles, both symbolic of Christchurch society at that time. Bridgit Anderson


Flora Marker, Marker family holidays

Judges' comments: These three photos told a wonderful narrative of a holiday in Hanmer, something that so many Cantabrians still enjoy today. We loved the sense of adventure and capability in setting out on holiday... and having to deal with an unexpected flat tyre. Rosemary Baird

Highly Commended

Ali Beken, Avonside Girls' High School Old Girls Tramping Club at the Sign of the Kiwi, late 1930s

Margaret Esplin, Wedding party leaving St Mary's Church, Merivale, 1910

Dave Howell, School bus at Coopers Creek, Oxford, 1922