Cook Islands Language Week Craft – Ei Katu

Kia orana. Cook Islands Language Week - Te 'epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani is on this week (2 to 10 August). Visit our page on Cook Islands Language Week to explore the Cook Islands language resources in our collection.

Here is a Cook Islands Language Week Craft from Tiresa:

Ei Katu

Ei Katu is made by people and worn by both males and females as a symbol of love and belonging. It is a circle, meaning everything is connected. It is an essential piece of traditional Cook Island culture.

What you need to make an Ei Katu

  • Ei / Lei
  • String
  • Head band material
  • Greenery
  • Scissors

How to make an Ei Katu

  1. Place the ei and leaves/greenery in the order you want for your ei katu.
  2. Take the ei and place onto headband. Use the string to wrap around ei and headband. Pull string tight to hold the ei in place.

    Then take a leaf/greenery and place under the ei. Wrap string around leaf/greenery and headband. Pull string tight to hold leaf/greenery in place.
  3. Next, take a new flower and repeat above steps. Do this until the headband is fully covered.
  4. To finish your ei katu, create a double knot with the string and pull it tight.

Download the Ei Katu craft activity as a 497KB PDF

Tiresa, Librarian - Pasifika

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