Gotta catch this Pokémon series

As a Pokémon lover, I was more than a little excited about the chance to review this latest graphic novel (and it did not disappoint)!

Catalogue record for Gotta catch a what?!Gotta Catch A What?! has two Pokémon stories and both feature Ash and Goh taking the lead, and follow their adventures as they watch Raihan take on Leon in a Galar Region battle, meet a Galarian form Farfetch’d, and they search for another Pikachu.

As usual with Pokémon, there is an awesome mix of cool battles and really hilarious moments! Of course, our favourite villains Team Rocket show up, intent on stealing all of the Pikachus… but a helpful Raichu might have something to say about that!

For fans of the anime, they will immediately notice that the art style is all but identical, and that the stories follow episodes of the Pokémon anime series. This has been translated into graphic novel form really well, and makes it a super engaging read.

A lot of story is packed into this 80 page book! I would highly recommend this to children who are learning to strengthen their reading skills, as it offers a lot of c focused vocabulary which may present a fun and relevant challenge. Despite this challenge, it is a really fun read and I promise you will find yourself coming back to re-live the awesome battles, funny moments and the cool new Pokémon. This is one of a series of Pokémon titles by Simcha Whitehill - check out Battle with the Ultrabeast and Grand Trial Showdown for more fun adventures.

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