Ham Helsing: Porker corker

Ham Helsing – Vampire Hunter is the first of three books in a series, published in 2021 and geared towards children aged 8 to 12, but it will appeal to any graphic novel reader who enjoys a good laugh!

The story has a great sense of humour and is visually appealing; the artwork is clear, unfussy, and easy to follow, showing dynamic action and engaging, expressive characters.

Ham, the hero of the story, is on the quest to find a vampire in Mud Canyon when he encounters some odd sidekicks...

This narrative contains something for everyone, with animals galore, a rapping chicken, a lost child, sharks, a robo-knight (created by a vampire hench-Hen), a messenger pigeon, friendship building and, of course, defeating the baddie, who is not what we thought at the beginning...

The tale unfolds swiftly and has plenty of action, with new people appearing all the time; you must read it from the beginning to keep up with the story!

The book concludes with a bonus "origin story" episode and an epilogue to tempt you into the next read, Ham Helsing: Monster Hunter

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