Nine eBook Fantasies

Nine eBook Fantasies

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Kia ora Fantasy Fiction readers, let's talk about eBooks! 

Are you reading Fantasy Fiction as a genre?? The stories that are usually multiple volumes, and each volume is usually a doorstop in its own right? Lugging these around with you so you can stay invested in the action, intrigue, and fantastical happenings, can be a pain in the shoulder. 

So how about eBooks...?? Yep, eBooks. We've got loads of Fantasy Fiction in eBook form and they're all free for you to borrow - no late fees either, they just disappear from your device after the due date has been reached, how fantastic is that?! But, do we have YOUR kind of Fantasy Fiction... let's explore...

We can start with the granddaddy of them all... The masterwork of elves, quests, good vs evil, and so much more, that set the Fantasy Fiction bar so high so many years ago - might be time for a re-read!

And for some epic battles, magic and destiny try... Famous for his historical adventure novels around the Roman Empire this is Conn Iggulden's first go at Fantasy Fiction, and he's nailed it with his battle scene prowess - first in a trilogy too so set yourself up for a while without the weight.

And bringing magic back to civilised society, we have... The gentlemanly art of magic, a tragic mistake, and a dark quest to reclaim a lost love. Gripping and lushly descriptive (and a TV series!) historical fantasy that will leave you altered. It a hefty tome too at 782 pages so the ebook is a great option!

And for some gritty urban stories you can't go past... Here we have the wizards apprentice and his dark adventures in the form of Graphic Novel, more vivid action than ever and the illustrations look amazing on the digital screen.

Or maybe you're in the mood for something with a little more bite... Why have just one paranormal vampire romance author when you can have many at the same time...?? Check out this compendium of dark sexiness and available from our collection only as an eBook.

And then there's good ol' uncle Terry... Crazy imaginative, super clever and funny, and adventurous as it gets. Terry Pratchett is well worth a look if you're up for a bit of silliness, and his 'Discworld' series is vast and spectacular - a good reason to go for eBooks hey?!

And now blood-and-guts-in-the-muck type fantasy, or as we call it, Grimdark! An all-star lineup of authors distinguishes this collection of 21 original tales of "scoundrels, con-men, and scallywags, ne'er-do-wells, thieves, cheats, and rascals". Another title available from our collection as only an eBook format .

Or if it's the classics and fairytales you're after, check out this amazing piece of work... The work (& mind) of Shaun Tan & the tales of the brothers Grimm were quite simply made for each other - no other illustrator of the Grimm tales has ever captured their essence quite so deeply as this collection.

Or a steamrolling rollicking adventure might be just the thing... If you haven't seen or read Mortal Engines yet then what are you waiting for?! Jammed with action, a bit of a revenge tale, airship fights, and entire cities on wheels - it's great, go get it!

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And there's waaaaay more than this small selection. Just download the Libby for Libraries app, and get swiping!

Happy reading!

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