Nine eBook Fantasies

Nine eBook Fantasies

List created by DevilStateDan

Kia ora Fantasy Fiction readers, let's talk about eBooks! 

Are you reading Fantasy Fiction as a genre?? The stories that are usually multiple volumes, and each volume is usually a doorstop in its own right? Lugging these around with you so you can stay invested in the action, intrigue, and fantastical happenings, can be a pain in the shoulder. 

So how about eBooks...?? Yep, eBooks. We've got loads of Fantasy Fiction in eBook form and they're all free for you to borrow - no late fees either, they just disappear from your device after the due date has been reached, how fantastic is that?! But, do we have YOUR kind of Fantasy Fiction... let's explore...

Fantasy Fiction bar so high so many years ago - might be time for a re-read!

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And there's waaaaay more than this small selection. Just download the Libby for Libraries app, and get swiping!

Happy reading!