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Catalogue record for The Duke and I by Julia QuinnThis author, like many others of the world, has been caught in the decadent delights of the Bridgerton family and London season on Netflix. Beautiful costumes, drama and intrigue, romance, and brilliant music made for a surprisingly captivating spectacle. But the real question this writer, being a lover of books, wants to ask is: what would the players read today?

Daphne Bridgerton

The eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family and the diamond of the season, Daphne turned heads with her London debut and subsequent romance with eligible bachelor number one: the Duke of Hastings. Determined to set her own destiny as much as possible, and seeking a love match like her parents, here we have a story for the hopeless romantics like Daphne Bridgerton. A royal romance founded upon a ruse much like hers and Simon's, a President's son and a Prince must pretend to be friends for the sake of appearances. But could this truly turn out to be a love match, just like Daphne and Simon? 

Red, White & Royal Blue

Simon, Duke of Hastings

The town's ambitious mamas and their young ladies were set all aflutter, with the return of the debonair Duke Hastings to London this season. A combination of the Duke's sad childhood and his new optimism for the future with his new bride spurs a more serious and self-improvement read for Simon, the Duke of Hastings. A more positive tome than its predecessor, 'Running on Empty No More' looks into ways to heal from childhood emotional abuse, all the while helping to improve and nurture one's current relationships.

Running on Empty No More

Eloise Bridgerton

Ever the spokesperson for female empowerment, 'Modern Herstory' would certainly find its way onto Eloise Bridgerton's bookshelf. Featuring over 60 women and non-binary people from across time and oceans, this educational illustrated biography shows how they changed the world while forging their own paths.

Modern Herstory

Penelope Featherington

This tome examining the commonalities between witches and empowered women writers, including such illustrious names as Virginia Woolf and Emily Dickinson, sounds like a perfect match with the multi-talented and bookish Penelope Featherington.

Literary Witches

Colin Bridgerton

For lovers of Greece and its tales, like Colin Bridgerton. A humorous and wonderfully written retelling of the Trojan War mythologies that this author is sure the fun-loving gentleman would appreciate while traipsing about the Greek isles.


Now, dear reader, I must bid you adieu. My parting gift to you– if you were as enraptured with the Netflix season as this humble writer, find the book series in our catalogue.

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