Remembering the Wahine Disaster – 10 April 1968

The Wahine Disaster took place on 10 April 1968. We reflect on the loss of fifty one people - this tragedy resonates strongly down the decades.

The Wahine Disaster played out across the nation’s television in grainy black and white, and the newsroom brought the story to our living rooms. The ferry’s proximity to shore - where people watched helplessly - added to our sense of powerlessness in the face of tragedy.

The storm affected many parts of the country including Canterbury. It tore of the roofs of houses on Cannon Hill and forced many homes in Sumner to be evacuated.

I recall my parents pointing to the wreckage, which was still visible for many years, as we neared Wellington on our ferry voyage. Each time there is a rough ferry crossing, the fate of the Wahine ferry is remembered and our thoughts are once again with those who died and with the survivors of that ill-fated voyage.

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