The Neu! Ōtautahi! Incident – WORD Christchurch Festival 2018

I'm sure we all remember the cool kids at school and that sense of wanting to be part of that group.  Well when I go to a writers' festivals I desperately want to be one of those cool kids, the ones who have the right words at the right times, who hang out together and talk about writery things (or so I imagine) , who have witty meaningful conversations.... All The Time, who are clever, funny and just love hanging out with each other, and maybe me?  The reality is I sit there like everyone else in my allocated seat, and sadly make no new best friends.

Such were my feeelings at Neu! Ōtautahi.  Clutching my plastic cup of wine I kept a steely gaze on The Poets who chatted happily in their front row seats, who clapped and cheered each other on, one big happy poetic family.  How I wished I could be one of them, but sadly not a poetic line has ever past through these fingertips, gosh I barely even read poetry, but when someone performs their poems for me I am smitten.

This was a great night's entertainment - surprisingly funny, energising, and the time flew by. These are the cool kids on the block, poets no less. I want to be in their gang.

Michael Pedersen (Scotland)
Hollie McNish (UK)
Pati Solomona Tyrell & Manu Vaeatangitau (FAFSWAG) (NZ)
Samuel Flynn Scott (NZ)
Hera Lindsay Bird (NZ)
Omar Musa (AUS)
Leilani Banday (US)

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