Chris Parker is here for a good time – WORD Christchurch Wednesday 16 November 8pm to 9pm

Chris Parker is Here for a good time, and if his Instagram posts are anything to go by then so will I. Chris hails from Christchurch - I vaguely know his aunty  - this is Christchurch after all,  so of course I feel a special connection to Chris and his book! 

As a comedian, Chris has an ability to hone into the minutiae of life, to pick apart the mundane and commonplace and make them funny as well as endearing and at times emotional. I am looking forward to hearing him interviewed by Jason Gunn (who may need to calm his natural exuberance to let Chris get a word in edgewise, but hopefully they will just enjoy bouncing ideas off each other). I'm also looking forward to finishing his book which I have just started.

I also hope that he wears that wonderful orange and pink suit.

Chris Parker and Jason Gunn

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