What to read next…

As a Librarian I am rarely at a loss for something to read, there always seems to be something interesting coming across my desk, but I can understand how hard it can be to walk into a library full of books and know where to begin. A friendly librarian is always a good way to start, they will be able to ask you what type of books you usually read, subjects you are interested in, and voila! A new book suggestion and you can walk away a happy camper.

Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount is another way you could find the perfect read. Jane Mount started off her Bibliophile career as an artist painting people’s bookshelves, documenting their favourite books for posterity. She has a knack of capturing book covers and must have drawn and painted thousands in her career. With this backlog of ideas and pictures she has put together a charming book full of ideas for what to read next, including plenty of options for both new titles and older classics. With chapters such as Bookish People Recommend, Cult Classics, Read around the World, Novels of the Millennuim:Optimistic Confusion, and Technothrills & Cyberpunks there should be something here for everyone.

Need more suggestions?