Children’s collections

Libraries have a wide range of children’s books, music, CDs and talking books, magazines, and DVDs. A few libraries have posters for borrowing. Books for special situations, such as birth, growing up, first experiences and feelings are held in most libraries.

All children’s items are free to borrow. Everything in the library is arranged to make finding what you want as easy as possible, but if you need help ask a librarian.

Children’s fiction

This is divided into picture books, younger fiction and older fiction:

Picture books

This collection is designed to introduce children to a wide range of experiences, settings, themes, feelings, situations, characters, art and language. Included in this collection are board books with cardboard pages designed for children in their early years.

Younger fiction

This collection introduces children aged roughly 6-9 and newly independent readers to longer chapter books with a variety of themes, settings and characterisation.

Older fiction

Aimed at children 10-12 and comprises the best of titles published in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.

Children’s non-fiction

This is a collection of factual books aimed at children. A small number of books in this section are bought for adults for their information and learning needs, or for them to use with children. These include books about children’s literature and writing for children.

Audio, video and digital content

CDs and talking books

A wide range of audiovisual materials are provided for loan. These currently include book and CD/DVD sets, talking books, and music CDs.


Children’s DVD titles are available at all of our libraries. They are issued free, for one week.


We have a number of eResources for kids that are available to library members. These include kids eBooks, homework resources and fun educational tools.

Special collections

He pukapuka Māori

As part of our commitment to, and obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi, we strive to collect as much quality material, written for children, as possible, written in Māori and about things Māori written in English and Māori.

Into reading

This collection provides very short, heavily illustrated chapter books. They are used by beginner readers, younger reluctant readers, and parents and children sharing books together.

Large print

Children’s large print titles are available.


We have a variety of magazine titles for children about different subjects including sports, animals, science, writing and recreational reading.

Stories to go bags

Stories to go bags have contents including a variety of fiction and non-fiction books, a DVD, a music or story CD, and a toy or puzzle.

World languages

We have a collection of books and other resources for children in different languages.

News and what's new

Keep up with what's new in our libraries for kids by:

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