New Zealanders in the First World War – General Histories


Eldred-Grigg, S. The Great wrong War: New Zealand society in WW1, 2010
Looks at why New Zealand went to war, whether the country was united in its desire for war, and the economic, social and psychological consequences.

Harper, G. Images of war: World War One: a photographic record of New Zealanders at war, 1914-1918, 2008
Includes coverage of Gallipoli, France and the Western Front, and Sinai-Palestine.

King, M. New Zealanders at war
Ch. 5: World War 1, pp. 100-160. Includes numerous illustrations.

The Oxford Companion to Military History Cover of The great wrong war Cover of Images of war

McGibbon, I. (ed.) The Oxford companion to New Zealand military history
Encyclopaedia of short articles on a range of topics. Those relating to the first World War include: Western Front; Gallipoli; Sinai-Palestine; New Zealand Expeditionary Force; Anzac Day; Māori in World War 1; Women in World War 1; Conscientious objectors; Egypt; Samoa; Senussi; National identity and war; War economy, World War 1; Prisoners of war; Marquette. Also includes biographical articles on military leaders.

Morey, K.A. Service from the sea = Ngā mahi nō te moana: New Zealand naval history told through the collections of the Royal New Zealand Navy Museum 2008

The Great War, pp. 39-60: HMS New Zealand, HMS Philomel, William Edward Sanders, Count Felix von Luckner.
New Zealand’s great war: New Zealand, the Allies and the First World War, edited by John Crawford and Ian McGibbon, 2007
A collection of essays on various aspects of New Zealand’s involvement in the war, at home and abroad.

  • Ch. 2: The shaping of NZ’s war effort, August-October 1914, by I. McGibbon;
  • Ch. 4: NZ women who opposed the war, by M. Hutching;
  • Ch. 5: Te Hokowhitu-a-Tu, by M. Soutar; Ch. 7: NZ and Paris Peace Conference, 1919, by R. Kay;
  • Ch. 9: Returned Services Association, 1916-1922, by S. Clarke;
  • Ch. 10: Australians and New Zealanders at Quinn’s Post, Gallipoli, by P. Stanley;
  • Ch. 11: Bowler of Gallipoli, by F. Glen;
  • Ch. 12: NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade, by T. Kinloch;
  • Ch. 13: NZ Infantry on the Somme, 15 September 1916, by A. Macdonald;
  • Ch. 14: The Fourth Brigade, by J. Crawford;
  • Ch. 15: New Division and Kaiser’s Battle, March-April 1918, by G. Harper;
  • Ch. 17: NZ and the naval war, by P. Demerly;
  • Ch. 18: NZ airmen come of age, by V. Orange;
  • Ch. 19: NZEF transport drivers, by G. Langton;
  • Ch. 20: The NZ YMCA and the war, by R. Keenan;
  • Ch. 21: Prostitution and the NZ soldier, by B. Dalley;
  • Ch. 22: Agricultural training of NZ’s soldiers, by A. Gould;
  • Ch. 23: New Zealanders in the AIF;
  • Ch. 24: The Merchant Marines’ war, by G. McLean;
  • Ch. 25: Home defence, by P. Cooke;
  • Ch. 26: NZ churches and death, by A. Davidson;
  • Ch. 27: World War 1 religion, by P. Lineham;
  • Ch. 28: Gender, welfare and World War 1, by M. Nolan;
  • Ch. 29: ‘National Efficiency”, by J.E. Martin;
  • Ch. 30: NZ farming and World War 1, by J. Watson;
  • Ch. 31: Discourses of war in Christchurch, by G. Parsons;
  • Ch. 32: The Armistice: responses in Taranaki, by G. Hucker.

Pugsley, C. The ANZAC experience: New Zealand, Australia and Empire in the First World War

  • Ch. 3: At the Empire’s call, NZEF planning, 1901-1918;
  • Chs.4-5: Gallipoli;
  • Ch. 6: NZ Mounted Rifles Brigade in Sinai and Palestine, 1916-18;
  • Ch. 7: discipline and morale in the NZEF;
  • Ch. 8: the Western Front;
  • Ch. 9: Major-General John Monash and Major-General Sir Andrew Russell;
  • Ch. 11: The Diggers’ in 1918.

Pugsley, C. Kiwis in conflict: two centuries of New Zealand at war, 2008
Part 3: World War 1, pp. 68-165.

Pugsley, C. On the fringe of hell: New Zealanders and military discipline in the first world war
Looks at discipline, court martials, executions and death sentences.

  • Ch. 3: Gallipoli, Egypt and Palestine;
  • Ch. 8: Somme;
  • Ch. 12: Messines;
  • Ch. 15: Passchendaele.

Thomson, J. Warrior nation: New Zealanders at the front, 1900-2000
Includes Gallipoli, pp. 38-73; France, pp. 74-121 (Somme, Messines, Ypres, Bassenville, Passchendaele, Polygon Wood, Bapaume, Le Quesnoy); Middle East, pp. 122-146.

Wolfe, R. On active service: New Zealand at war
Ch. 4: The Great War. Brief (2-page) text introduction, then photographs with detailed captions.


Te Ara
Encyclopedia of New Zealand has a detailed illustrated guide to New Zealand's World War 1 history.

The 1966 Encyclopaedia of New Zealand has useful introductory material which contains brief notes on mobilisation; Samoa; the New Zealand Expeditionary Force; Gallipoli; the New Zealand Division; Sinai and the Holy Land; the Navy; New Zealanders in the Royal Flying Corps; and a section entitled “A massive and costly war".

New Zealand and the first World War, prepared by NZHistory.
Includes the following sections: NZ goes to war; Gallipoli; Western Front; Middle East; The World at War; NZEF Units; Home Front; Aftermath; Commemoration; Researching NZ soldiers and the war.

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