New Zealanders in World War 2 – Women at Home

A guide to information on the effect of World War Two on women at home in New Zealand.

Brosnahan, D. A woman’s place: changing attitudes to the role of women in society during World War II

  • Ch. 1: Pre-war society, domestic life and paid work;
  • Ch. 2: Morale is women’s work voluntary work, work in industry, work in the home;
  • Ch. 3: Mobilisation of women for war in services, voluntary work, in workforce, rural work, Māori women, home front;
  • Ch. 4: New order social policy and pro-natalism, rehabilitation;
  • Ch. 5: A woman’s place in war and at home.
Ebbett, E. When the boys were away
The lives of women left behind in New Zealand: work, home, manpowering, rations, land girls, war brides, threats of invasion, Americans in New Zealand. Also includes a chapter on women in the forces.
Montgomerie, D. The women’s war: New Zealand women 1939-45
Covers work, manpowering, industrial conscription, motherhood, wives and lovers. Ch. 8: Rehabilitating the gender order.
War stories our mothers never told us
Nine women talk about their wartime experiences: Pamela Quill; Doreen Foss, a land girl; Tui Preston, who was married in 1940 and alone for 5 years; Jean Matekite Whawhai Andrews, who had family in the Maori Battalion and worked with the American Marines; Florence Small, who married an American; Alister Doyle, a munitions worker; Tepara Mabel Waititi, whose husband served in the Māori Battalion and who was a truck driver; Rita Graham, the wife of a conscientious objector; Neva Clarke McKenna, a WAAC serving in Italy.
Women in wartime: New Zealand women tell their story
Covers both the first and second world wars. Chronology of events, including war events, social/political/economic events, women’s war service events and women at home, pp. 264-275. Interviews with women about a whole range of experiences, as wives of soldiers and conscientious objectors, mothers, industrial workers, nurses, service personnel, patriotic workers, refugees, land girls etc.
Wood, V. War brides: they followed their hearts to New Zealand
Part 2: World War II. European and English women who married New Zealanders. Appendix: World War II brides interviewed for the book, with brief biographical notes, pp. 167-179.


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