Library website update – BiblioCommons Version 3

We are launching a new look home page and browse pages on Thursday 12 December.

 We’re excited to announce a new version of the software that powers our library’s website will go live next month.

Launch Thursday 12 December

Our library will be releasing the upgrade of our website early on Thursday 12 December. For approximately two hours in the early morning, you will not be able to access the website and will instead see a maintenance page. The library catalogue will still be accessible.

What's changing?

Easier to browse content

A new Explore page will allow customers and staff to discover the wealth of content on our website -- in addition to browsing our homepage, format and audience related pages.

Better, more flexible design

We will have more flexibility to showcase events, services, and collections in new and interesting ways.

More accessible 

BiblioCommons has invested heavily in building accessibility into the upgrade.  Each module was designed, built, and tested with accessibility in mind.

New Homepage

We have 3 templates for the new homepage. We will be using the homepage to show a mixture of new stuff, resources you are looking for. Here are some drafts of how the new home page could look:

New Pages

The other pages that will be changing initially are the Browse pages including

We hope you will enjoy the improvements. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please contact us at

Option A

Option B

Option C