Papanui Library to close for repairs

Papanui Library will be closed from Weds 12 August until Sun 11 October 2015

Papanui Library will be closed for repairs from Wednesday 12 August 2015. It is scheduled to reopen Monday 12 October 2015.


Why is the library closing?
The library is closing for EQC repairs. These include removing and replacing the ceiling grid and lighting, replacing insulation and ceiling panels, plus window, wall panel and entrance foyer repairs.
How long is the library closing for?
The library will be closed from Wednesday 12 August and reopens on Monday 12 October 2015.
Why is the library closing for so long?
The work involved is extensive and although contactors will work as quickly as possible, this is the shortest time frame they can complete the work in.
Why does this work have to be done now?
There is a schedule of works for libraries requiring earthquake repairs and Papanui has waited since the earthquakes for this work to be undertaken.
Why was this work not carried out during the closure in 2014?
In August 2014 Papanui was closed for HVAC installation. Monies and plant for this work had already been held over and the old system was failing and increasingly costly to maintain and run. This work had to be completed but EQC repairs were still under negotiation.
Will the Papanui Service Centre remain open?
Yes, the Papanui Customer Service Desk will be open their usual hours, Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. They will be located at the rear of the building, facing the Restell Street carpark.
Can I still return my items?
Items may be returned to Fendalton Library or other Christchurch City Libraries. The after hours return facility at Papanui will not be available.
Where can I pick up my holds?
Hold items will be sent to Fendalton Library unless otherwise requested.
Where is the nearest large library?
Fendalton Library on the corner of Clyde Road and Jeffreys Road. Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm and Saturdays 10am to 4pm.
I usually visit the library on a Sunday. What other libraries are open on a Sunday?
Shirley Library (beside the Palms Mall), Upper Riccarton Library, Central Library Peterborough, Linwood Library (in Eastgate Shopping Centre), New Brighton Library and South Library.
How can I get to another library?
Fendalton Library is three kilometres from Papanui and has off-street parking available. The Orbiter bus route runs from Northlands to the Palms Mall where Shirley Library is located. Bishopdale and Hornby Libraries are accessible on the 125 bus and the Blueline can take you to Redwood, Central Library Peterborough and Central Library Manchester. Visit MetroInfo for more bus information.
Can I still use the toilets?
No, the toilets will not be available. Nearest public facilities are located at Northlands Mall.
Can I still use the wi-fi?
No, due to the nature of the work being carried out the wi-fi will not be available at Papanui. Free wi-fi is available at other Christchurch City Libraries.
Will a JP (Justice of the Peace) be available Tuesdays 10am to 1pm during the closure?
Not at Papanui Library. This service will move outside Countdown Supermarket, Northlands Mall during the library closure. It will also continue to be available at Shirley, South and Upper Riccarton Libraries, Tuesdays 10am – 1pm.
What will happen to the books when Papanui Library is closed?
Books in the library at the time of closure will either remain on shelves and will be covered for protection or will be boxed up and stored during the project.
What will happen to the staff while the library is closed?
Library staff will be temporarily reassigned to other Christchurch City Libraries.
I am an Agreed Support library customer, where can I pick up my library items?
All Agreed Support customers will be notified and individual agreements put in place.
My children attend the Science Alive sessions at Papanui. What is happening to those?
The Papanui Science Alive sessions will be hosted by Redwood Library in term 3. These sessions start 2nd week of the term Mondays 3.30-4.30pm.