Vacuum Former

Vacuum Former

A vacuum former is a machine for creating simple moulds. It uses heat to stretch a sheet of plastic over an object, then uses a vacuum to suck the sheet closely to the object’s surface. Vacuum formed moulds can be used to make custom chocolates, jellies, wax candles, etc., or the mould itself can be used for bespoke packaging, or as part of something else, such as the chassis for a remote-controlled car or robot.

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Ngā Kōrero Auaha - Creative Stories

We talk to creators who have made things happen with Christchurch City Libraries Ngā Kete Wānanga o Ōtautahi.

Till Peters created his board game Castleshire by prototyping his ideas in the makerspace on Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4 at Tūranga

Over 6 years and many iterations, Till has come to the makerspace at Tūranga to create and test his concepts for his now-published game. With support from staff, he gained the skills to use design software on the computer, operate the laser cutter, and use the vacuum former among other tools. He also held a game testing event at the library and invited people to trial his game before the final version was published.
You can play Castleshire at Tūranga for free.

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