Vacuum Former

Vacuum Former

A vacuum former is a machine for creating simple moulds. It uses heat to stretch a sheet of plastic over an object, then uses a vacuum to suck the sheet closely to the object’s surface. Vacuum formed moulds can be used to make custom chocolates, jellies, wax candles, etc., or the mould itself can be used for bespoke packaging, or as part of something else, such as the chassis for a remote-controlled car or robot.

Using the Vacuum Former

Christchurch City Libraries have two vacuum formers.

  • one is located in the makerspace on Level 4, Auahatanga, Tūranga
  • the other is located in the makerspace in the South Learning Centre

Vacuum formers are available during our Open Creative Time sessions, by requesting a Book a Creative session, or during select programming.

Tūranga, Auahatanga | Creativity, Level 4

General session, Thursdays at 10am to 12noon
Youth Creative Time, including 3D printing, for ages 12-25: Fridays 4pm to 5.30 pm​

If none of these times suit then you can use our Book a Creative form to arrange a time that suits you to get one-on-one help.

Auahatanga - South Library

Open Creative Time, Thursdays at 10am to 3pm

Or, use our Book a Creative form to arrange a time that suits you to get one-on-one help.

Creative Times at South

No related upcoming events.

Technical specifications

Vaquform vacuum formers (2)

Design constraints

To use the vacuum former, you will need a mould and a sheet of thermoformable plastic (such as HIPS, ABS, or PET). Moulds can be found objects, 3D printed, made from laser cut acrylic or sculpted from modelling clay.


We have limited supplies of thermoformable plastic such as PET, PVC and ABS for use on the vacuum former (subject to availability). The required sheet size is 330 x 250 mm. The cost per sheet is:

  • PET - $1.00
  • PVC - $1.00
  • ABS - $2.00


Vacuum former Vacuum former Vacuum former Vacuum former

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