Makerspaces and 3D printing

Find out about 3D modelling and printing, and other makerspace activities at our libraries and learning centres. Read our 3D Printer Policy and Procedure.

Mobile Makerspaces

Mobile Makerspace Kits are in circulation, bringing exciting new technology and activities to your local library. We have all kinds of different robots, 3D pens, augmented reality, musical instruments, dice, marbles, cardboard craft and much more. See this list of makerspace events and activities, or check with your local library to learn more.

Maker space at Parklands Library
Maker space at Parklands Library. December 2015. Flickr 20151224_1126153D and makerspace classes

3D and Makerspace

Watch the videos in our step-by-step guide to making 3D models.

Tūranga's Production Studio

A variety of maker products and equipment are available for public use at the Production Studio / Taupuni Waihanga at Tūranga.

3D Printing at Christchurch City Libraries

Read our 3D Printer Policy and Procedure.

3D printers "draw" molten plastic filament (polylactic acid or PLA) in layers to build up a 3-dimensional object. Objects to be printed must be modelled in 3D software, before being “sliced” to prepare them for printing. Library customers can get 3D modelling tuition, access to 3D Modelling software and the ability to 3D print their creations at the library. 

Our 3D printers

We 3D print using:

  • Makerbot Replicator 2 (maximum build volume of 28.5 L X 15.3 W X 15.5 H cm)
  • Ultimaker 2+ 3D (maximum build volume of 22.3 L × 22.3 W × 20.5 H)

Models are printed in a single colour. We have a variety of colours available – please provide two or three colour preferences when requesting your 3D print. 

Creating a 3D model and getting it printed

You can access Autodesk 123D Design Modelling software on public library computers. If you want to try 3D modelling at home, Autodesk Tinkercad is a free online app with built-in tutorials.

View our online tuition on how to use Autodesk 123D modelling software
These 20 video tutorials will get you started with using this software.

Once you have modelled an object to print, use our 3D printing form to submit your .stl file for printing. We are unable to print your files directly from a USB or other drive when you visit the library.

When a .stl file is received through this email address it will be checked for “printability” by staff and if it works, it will be printed for you. If not, staff will contact you to explain what needs to happen.


Models are printed in a single colour. We have a variety of colours available – please provide two or three colour preferences when requesting your 3D print. 

The cost for a 3D Print is 20 cents per gram of non-toxic, biodegradable PLA filament. See image and table below for a rough pricing guide. (All examples printed at 0.3mm layer height and 10% infill setting.)

Blue boat 5 gm $1.00
Red boat 10 gm $2.00
Black boat 25 gm $5.00
White boat 50 gm $10.00

Find 3D and makerspace resources in our collection

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Want more 3D and makerspace opportunities?

4C Centre

4C Centre, opens a new window is a YMCA Christchurch initiative to provide a "fresh makerspace where young people...can explore their creative potential through their tech and innovation hub."

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