3D printing

3D Printing

We are currently reviewing our online 3D printing service. People are now able to visit Creative Spaces during creative times to do their own 3D Printing and/or access the Book a Creative service. Thank you for your patience as we review this service, policies and procedures and work through updating any out-of-date information shared via library channels.

You can design and print 3D designs at Christchurch City Libraries. We have several 3D printers that can be used to make small objects out of plastic. The plastic we use is called PLA. It is derived from corn starch and is recyclable and biodegradable, but not garden compostable.

Auahatanga Creative Spaces: PricingAuahatanga Creative Spaces: Pricing

Worried about 3D printer waste?

Learn about how our 3D printer waste gets reused by Remix Plastic.

Can't make a Creative Time or need expert guidance?Can't make a Creative Time or need expert guidance?

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