Boss Baby – based on a book

Boss Baby

Before Boss Baby the movie there was ... Boss Baby the book! The film Boss Baby (2017) is loosely based on the 2010 book by author and illustrator Marla Frazee. Many a parent has thought that their little ones seem to rule the roost ... sometimes they are downright tyrannical with a temper tantrum or […]

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Dog Man Unleashed at the Library

Dog Man

Bow-wowie! Who let the dogs out? The second in the Dog Man series has just been unleashed and a giant Dog Man is on tour across Christchurch City Libraries. From the creator of Captain Underpants, Dav Pilkey, comes Dog Man: part dog, part man and ALL hero, in his second adventure Dog Man Unleashed. There’s […]

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Mimi Kiwi – in Inspector Flytrap

Inspector Flytrap

Inspector Flytrap in The Da Vinci Cold (2016) by Tom Angleberger & Cece Bell Inspector Flytrap A kiwi in a mystery... How curious! Written and illustrated by the talented and prolific husband and wife team of Tom Angleberger and Cece Bell, Inspector Flytrap is a series of books about a flytrap trying to become the greatest […]

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Summer Writing School for Youth 2017

Girls sitting

The School for Young Writers in Christchurch is holding a Summer Writing School and Workshops, 16-20 January 2017. The Summer Writing School comprises a week’s worth of writing for teenagers, with special guest tutors alongside some of our regulars. On the final day students will get an opportunity for 1:1 mentoring as they complete a piece for […]

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The Best (& Worst) Children’s Books of 2016

Best and worst 2016

“I’m not human, I’m a librarian!” The Best (& Worst) Children’s Books of 2016 evening was held on Wednesday 23rd November, hosted by the Canterbury Literacy Association and Christchurch City Libraries. The books showcased at the event covered the spectrum of wondrous and picturesque, funny and gross, through to beautiful and poignant - including sobering […]

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Dr Ian Chapman – The Dunedin Sound and a passion for music

Dunedin sound

The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening was launched in Dunedin in November with live music by key players Graeme Downes (The Verlaines), Robert Scott (The Bats) and Martin Phillipps (The Chills). To coincide with our review of the book, I interviewed the author Dr. Ian Chapman: Ian, what inspired you to create this book when […]

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The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening

Dunedin sound

The Dunedin Sound: Some Disenchanted Evening by Ian Chapman is a uniquely archival book celebrating the music known as the 'Dunedin Sound.' Predominantly pictorial, it is a plethora of personal photographs and memorabilia which, in the words of Graeme Downes from The Verlaines, 'is a testament to a bunch of people desperate to create something […]

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Nanogirl in Christchurch: Quick questions


Nanogirl is coming to Christchurch with a bang! She is putting on two shows on 5th December at the Isaac Theatre Royal. Expect explosions and excitement at Little Bang, Big Bang - the Live Science Show. One hour of science where Nanogirl blows things up, blows things over and blows your mind! Covering Bernoulli’s principle, […]

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Rising Tide – Helping kids be resilient

Rising tide

Rising Tide is a timely new book for kids published in New Zealand aimed at increasing resilience and emotional intelligence. We all worry and feel anxiety at times in our lives. Anxiety can impact on children and their families in many ways. The Worry Bug Project seeks to support parents and teachers to recognise and address mild […]

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The Midnight Gang – David Walliams’ latest literary romp

David Walliams

Aaaarrrggghhhh!!!! Squeak! Bang! Owww! Thud! Ping! Bong! Click! Zzzzzzz! Clank! Klong! Squelch! Smash! Whizz! Whoosh! Splat! Rattle! Wallop! Crunch! Thud! Squawk! Brrrr... Busted! New-naw Nee-naw! Hooray! For a story with a lot of loud sound effects, David Walliams latest literary romp The Midnight Gang seems to have quietly tiptoed into publication, with this children's chapter […]

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