21 today – our website and online catalogue come of age

We are celebrating a cool milestone - in an online sense we have come of age. Our website and online catalogue were launched on that newfangled thing - the World Wide Web - on 7 June 1995. So we are 21 today!

Have a ride on the Wayback Machine and take a look at how we looked back then.

Here's our website today - on her 21st. It's a big shift from 21 years ago. Some customers don't come into our physical branch, they visit this Digital Library and use all the splendid things it has to offer - digitised material, eResources, eBooks, and more.

Our library website was the first public library internet presence in Australasia. Thanks to our ever-innovative librarian Paul Sutherland for bringing that first website online. Thanks to you all for using the catalogue and website - and being such keen online users.

Browse our brief history of Christchurch City Libraries and our factsheet for more milestones.

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