A Month of Winners!

Don't you love it when you unexpectedly stumble onto a run of truly great reads...??

October was a massive month for me behind the pages and it revealed some amazing and varied titles; one of which was a Man Booker Prize shortlisted debut novel (which would've been a worthy winner IMHO), another was an account of life in the the upper canopies of rainforests around the world. Another still was a dark and grim tale of meandering philosophical musings and the struggle for survival. I've also got the highly regarded historical author Conn Iggulden's first foray into the fantasy genre!

And there's some film and music in there too...

Among the other titles featured in my list below is documentary and a beautifully heart-warming account of the Christchurch Poultry and Pigeon Club in the lead up to the national chicken showing competitions, and another title is a music CD of local Christchurch jazz musicians from 2009 - a diverse list of interesting themes and genres

All titles were exceptional in their own ways and I would like to share these with you all in the hope that you may find some of the same joy that I experienced in my time with each of these books/movies/music... here's a list with brief notes on each inclusion:

Read/Watch/Listen 2017 - October List created by DevilStateDan

More good stuff from the collection of Christchurch City Libraries.... enjoy!

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