Advice on your eBook device

So it is nearly Christmas which according to retailers actually started in October. In anticipation of rampant present buying I am getting in early with some “advice on your device”! My advice is to do a bit of research if you want to use our three free eBook services! What? That’s right your library has two amazing eBook platforms which are spellbindingly good. They include OverDrive (20,000 eBooks and downloadable eAudiobooks) and Wheelers (NZ eBook content).

Our eBook platforms will pretty much work with any device except Kindle eReaders which are designed by Amazon to work only with Amazons eBooks i.e. stuff you will have to pay for. Now in the States they are working on getting these two to talk but chances are this will not translate into changes in New Zealand any time soon. There is also the Kindle Fire tablet which does work with OverDrive – but if you want to keep it simple there are a multitude of tablets, eReaders and other portable devices that work just fine – buy those my peeps and avoid disappointment!

To help out we provide a list of approved devices from us and OverDrive.

Happy shopping.